CFXU’s Annual Foxy Awards!


Hey Foxy folk!

Come on down to The Golden X Inn this Saturday at 7pm for CFXU’s Annual Foxy Awards!

Every year, we at CFXU try to reward all the hard work done by our wonderful DJs. This is an opportunity to celebrate YOU, because without YOU, CFXU would not exist. This is a chance for us to thank you as listeners, contributors, guests, DJs, and all around awesome people. CFX-who? CFX-YOU!

The CFXU Academy (our staff) reviews the nominations chosen by our devoted Frosh Interns, and chooses the best and the brightest DJs/shows from this year for each category based on performance, merit and Fox factor. What is fox factor? It’s what makes you, our listeners and contributors, special – it’s what makes CFXU great!

Nominees will have received an email informing them of their nomination, but all are welcome. If you ordered a CFXU sweater at the beginning of the semester, they will be handed out at the event. Afterwards, we invite you to stick around to hear the sweet musical stylings of Keegan Dobbelsteyn & friends, starting at 10pm.

See you there!

CFXU’s Foxy Staff


Tanner Braschuk: A CFXU legend in the making

Listen to ‘For June,’ the latest from CFXU’s very own Frosh Intern, Tanner Braschuk!

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Tanner made his StFX musical debut at this year’s Frosh Week Talent Show, and he had the whole crowd singing along in not time. Lately, Tanner, along with CFXU’s other Frosh Intern, Cassie Mann, performed at the Dreamcatcher’s Cafe on Main St. to an adoring audience.

Tanner Braschuk’s sweet stylings are guaranteed to make you want to come back for more. Enjoy. Like. Tweet. Share.

Filmed by Lauren Carmichael in CFXU’s recording booth March 21, 2015.



We’re on iTunes!

CFXU is now on iTunes. You can stream CFXU live on your iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, or straight from your computer! All you have to do is:

1. Go to the ‘Internet Radio’ section of your iTunes

2. Click the ‘College/University’ drop down menu

3. Scroll down to ‘Radio CFXU ‘The Fox”

4. Click. Stream. Enjoy in luscious 320kbps!


Stay foxy my friends,

CFXU Staff


Cover Contest for Annual CFXU The Fox Compilation!

Please Incorporate: “This is the Sound the Fox Makes”, A fox or a fox likeness, 93.3FM. Back Cover: Enough room in one area for track titles. Black and White is preferable, favour given to design with less colors, Burgundy and Yellow are the station colors.
Award: $50
Deadline: Friday the 13th. Send entries to: Rory MacLeod

The deadline for the contest has been extended until Tuesday, Feb. 17 at midnight. Send your submissions as an image file attachment to for a chance to win 50$ ! ! !

This Is The Sound The Fox Makes 2015!

CFXU is currently in the process of recording THIS IS THE SOUND THE FOX MAKES, our annual in-house produced CD!

Our production manager Brennan is hard at work putting this year’s edition together, but one thing is missing… YOU! THIS IS THE SOUND THE FOX MAKES features artists from the campus and community and is open to contributions from anyone, so if you are interested in the chance of being featured on this year’s edition, feel free to shoot him an email

Want to learn more? Check us out on our Facebook page, head on over to our Bandcamp page, or click the image below to listen to THIS IS THE SOUND THE FOX MAKES 2014!

CFXU Server back Online!

Share with friends! Simply click the player on the right or download a stream file under the Listen Now tab.

Stay foxy! And follow the internet tunnel to your favourite foxy tunes!

Frosh Internship applications are now open!

Are you in first year? Are you interested in getting involved with CFXU? Apply to be one of our Frosh Interns!

At CFXU we hire 2 Frosh Interns every year to help out around the station. Being a Frosh Intern allows you to get a different perspective on CFXU, that goes beyond a show, although you do not need to have a show to apply for the position. As a Frosh Intern you will get to participate in the internal affairs of CFXU by sitting in on weekly meetings, learning about the operations of the station, what different the different positions within the station do, among other things. The Frosh Internship is a great way to get involved, and is open to everyone!

To apply click here! Applications close on October 10th, 2014, so don’t delay!

We Are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Hello foxy folk,

We regret to inform you that our online streaming and archive are currently down. We apologize for the inconvenience and we assure you that we are doing our very best to get our online presence up and running again. Nevertheless, we continue to broadcast on 93.3fm in Antigonish, NS, so if you’re around tune in!

Thank you for your continued support, and stay foxy my friends.



CFXU’s Foxy Staff


Check out CFXU’s new album release “This Is the Sound the Fox Makes” featuring great local talent from St. Francis Xavier University and the community of Antigonish.
Most of which was recorded here in the CFXU Radio Station!
Want to listen? Click on the photo & follow the link to our bandcamp page!

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