CXFU has been home to many radio shows over the years and is now aiming to facilitate the creation of podcasts, music recordings, and much more!

You can find archives of past and present radio/podcast shows, as well as some of the past musical recordings brought to you by the CFXU, listed below! 


For Social Justice Radio show, click the link below

For Mixed Rhythm show, click the link below

For A.S.K Media 

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  1. lori patterson

    Liked the new show “The Daly Dose”. That guy Liam knows his sports and can talk about anything. He has a nice radio voice too.

    I’ll be tuning in again.

    • Richard Perry

      Yes, Liam D. seems well-suited to sit behind a microphone. He knows what he’s talking about, and more importantly, is passionate about his topic. Of course, if you know his family lineage, this should come as no surprise!

      Richard Perry
      Coady International Institute

      • Jayke

        Yes, his whole family loves music, but Dylan and Laraby are music junkies! But at the end of the day… we’re all just prostitutes and junkies, right?

        U. Jayke


  2. William

    What is the website again to vote for X’s free concert by the Vancouver band ?

  3. Brian

    Hope you play some “Stampeders” and say they have been to your house often. They are coming back to N.S in October i think. They have their own website with their concert dates and locations on it.

  4. Pa

    In light of tonight’s broadcast I believe the Pounding should be renamed “Public Urination” I think it is more appropriate.

  5. hil coburn

    finally got off my ipod and found this website much more accessible on ze ol laptop (ahah thanks for the shout out kev)- AWESOME late night show folks!!! you guys need to hook more ontario schools up with your pizzazz, spirit, and wonderfully awesome tunes. All students need a late night radio show tooooo – how how!
    much love from the west( well west of you guys – Kingston)
    hil coburn !
    ps. kev klin youre cute.

  6. Don Rodgers

    hearing some great tunes sitting here at my desk in Calgary but no way to find out what they are…is there a request line?

  7. MOM

    What a treat.! Grandma and I enjoyed “milk and cookies” around the kitchen table.
    You are quite the perveyor of stories, congratulations on a job well done.

  8. Chaz

    Perhaps make a page every night with a list of songs or as said before me a now playing/ recently played would be awesome!
    Also i love the melting point! It’s a great variety of music, just suits all of my many tastes. Keep that show going!

  9. Fan

    hey North of 49…Keeping with your hockey theme, Saskatchewan born Joni Mitchell does a song called “Raised on Robbery” which talks about them sitting around, drinking beer and watching and betting on the Leafs games. Must have been a long time ago…lol !

  10. Brandon Cutting

    YEAH McCLUSKEY! your killin it dog. see you soon homie! -Cutting

  11. Arakan

    Great show. I agree with Anon, a now playing/recently played list would be sweet.

  12. MOM

    Really like the comraderie/rapport that Sabrina and Veronica have together.
    It works! Nice touch ladies.

  13. katdudeson

    weekly pounding is da dopest

  14. Tammy Jordan

    Wes Jordan’s first Jazz broadcast was very entertaining. Also enjoyed his commentary on various musicians. Wes has a great radio voice! Just sayin’…..

  15. CollectedSoundFan!!!

    Nice chill voice with tid bits of information from collected sound and there are some musical gems on it!

  16. huge fan

    a dose of awesome is the best show! listen to that every week! the music is unreal!!! keep it up

  17. LOLFM

    Enjoying the music from Phil & John this morning.

  18. Carla and Roy

    Hey Liam, Roy and Carla listening right now, just play some music Liam, hahah 😉

  19. Geoff & Deanne & Sheri

    Listening to our man Dylan on his inaugural voyage into radio land. Cudo’s from South Beach Miami….feeling the heat!
    Geoff Dee and Sheri

  20. Inesha

    Thank you for playing @Young_Running!!! They are awesome :o) Keep Canadian Music alive!!! Inesha

  21. 666


  22. Dick Nunne

    Yo jordan play some Pretty Lights!!!

  23. Julia

    Hey! Can you guys play some Eternal Husbands ?! 🙂

  24. Kieran T Holland

    Fantastic Music! Awesome!

    Hello from the USA!


  25. Stephanie

    Heya Pordy!! Im still thinking of a name but can you make a segment of your show- funny/random/interesting internet video of the week!? Cooking and thinking of you.

  26. Yaa mon

    Woohoo, atta boy Dyl!
    great selection

  27. Lauren Walker

    So intrigued by Jessica’s radio show! Fantastic music and great charisma my favourite music to tune into while doing my homework makes it move by that much faster. you’re doing a great job keep up the fantastic work!

  28. Anonymous

    KayFo and Cary are killing it every single thursday night. Its the only time I turn on CFXU and I’m definitely not disappointed. Killer show