Do you want to shape the future of CFXU?!

Do you want to learn the behind-the-scenes of a campus radio station? Apply to join our staff! Email to get started!


Want to get involved and host a show live on air? Email our program managers at if so.

Want to use our new and improved recording studio to produce a podcast, mp3 track or advertisement? That can be featured on our CFXU website or played live on air? Reach out to our a production managers if you would like to schedule a time to record: 

If you’d like to use our recording booth…

1) You can rent the room for free if you’re a student, or for $20/hr if you need lots of help recording. This means someone on staff will assist you and will take care of the process, a process which includes recording, editing and handling. They will either send you the finished product, or will send it to you and the music directors to load it to our RadioDJ (24/7 cart of songs that play throughout the day)!

2) If you are a student, you can use the space on your own. We have a desktop in the studio that allows for students to sign in to their StFX account. You can use Audacity free of charge on this desktop, or bring your own laptop and connect to our mics! Please watch t